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Mind Australia supports clients to live independent, productive and satisfying lives through a comprehensive range of services.

About Mind

Established nearly 40 years ago, Mind Australia is a leading provider of community mental health support services with over 60 service sites. This year, we will support almost 10,000 Australians whose lives have been disrupted by mental ill-health (including their families and carers).

Our services focus on providing people with the skills they need for a full and meaningful life, not limited by their experience of living with a mental health condition. People access support in many ways through Mind, including:

  • helplines that provide information, guidance and referrals
  • outreach support services that provide 1-to-1 practical help and motivational support
  • care coordination for those who need a lot of different health and social services
  • residential programs that provide a safe, supportive environment in which to work more intensively on recovery (both youth and adult-oriented services)
  • psychological counselling and therapy
  • group activities that offer social connection and mutual support
  • workshops that teach new skills for managing health and wellbeing
  • online forums where peers can share their insights and support each other, and
  • support for families and carers so they can have some respite from the demands of caring.

We work hard to engage with families, friends and other carers to involve them in decisions about their loved one’s care. We also have support services specifically for carers.

The video below provides a great insight into our work here at Mind. Two of our clients, Kristine and Tony, have kindly agreed to share their individual stories while our Board Chair, Julian Gardner, discusses Mind's broad direction and ongoing commitment to individuals, families and carers. We hope you enjoy it.

Recovery from mental ill-health is a diverse, personal and social experience. Our approach focuses on proactive and purposeful engagement to build trusting relationships between staff and clients. We believe the quality of this collaborative relationship is central to supporting personal recovery and promoting wellbeing. Our Model of Recovery Orientated Practice provides an in-depth look at our approach when working with clients.

Mind Video
Model of Recovery Oriented Practice


Mind Australia is an incorporated company limited by guarantee, not for profit organisation that receives the majority of its funding from State and Federal Government.

We acknowledge the importance of this funding and collaboration in working with us to support people’s mental health recovery within the communities we work. Mind is also supported by a diverse range of trusts, foundations, community organisations and individuals. We are particularly grateful to our many regular donors that contribute to our iMind program which funds several initiatives.


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