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Educating professional groups about recovery

Increasing community awareness

Education and training

Mind offers a range of training and education courses for clients, their families and the broader community.

Mind Recovery College

The Mind Recovery College draws on the wisdom, knowledge and skills of people who have walked their own path to recovery as well as families and carers. The college teachers are people with lived experience of mental health issues. Some are qualified educators in their own right; others are first-time teachers, supported by our team to design courses based on what they've learned in life.

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Training courses

Transition to Support Facilitation: a two-day training program

This two-day training focuses on the role of the care coordinator and how it differs from and complements that of similar roles such as a community mental health practitioner or a case manager. It will highlight the differentiating skills, knowledge and approaches needed to effectively navigate for better outcomes for clients.

For more information, click here for a more detailed description of the training,  details of the next session being offered, and a registration form.

Mental Health Peer Work: a five-day training course

This course has been developed for people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery so they can provide peer support, and undertake peer work roles. Click here for a more detailed description of the training.  

Advance statement training facilitators manual

Advance statements allow people to record their treatment preferences in case they become unwell and need compulsory mental health treatment. This also applies to people with mental illness who are not compulsory patients. Advance statements are also relevant to any person accessing public or private mental health services. Their expressed preferences would be considered at a time when they are unwell.

The mental health advance statement training package has been developed to improve both the knowledge and application of the use of advance statements in mental health services. Click here for more information about the advance statement training facilitators manual.

Community education

Mind Australia staff regularly speak to a range of community groups about issues related to the work of Mind specifically, and mental health generally, including:

  • making presentations at conferences and seminars
  • hosting visits from international delegations
  • talks by various staff members in their local communities
  • being involved in lectures and seminars at universities and other educational institutions.

Mind clients are available to talk to groups. Contact Mind on 1300 286 463 if you would like to make contact with a speaker.

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