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Mind is committed to supporting research. It helps us provide high quality services to our clients.


Research and evaluation are vital aspects of the work undertaken by Mind. It helps us improve the way we work as we strive to provide high quality services based on the evidence of what works. We believe that an active program of research and evaluation activities is important to improving the quality and effectiveness of our services.  

Mind’s Director of Research, Dr Lisa Brophy and her team play a lead role collaborating with consumer and family carer consultants and with external partners such as Melbourne University, Yale University and other mental health service providers to build robust research that supports the work we do. Dr Brophy has published in a wide range of journals, books and conference proceedings, raising our research profile and helping to put Mind at the forefront of informed recovery-oriented service provision. View a full list of her publications.

Reports and presentations

Relevant, evidence-based research is vital for developing services that deliver strong outcomes for individuals, families and carers.

To view completed research reports and presentations click here.

Mind Colloquiums

The Mind Colloquium series has been developed in collaboration with VICSERV and The Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne.

The ever popular series presents a broad range of topics including Psychological growth in carers of people with mental illness  and Engagement and Recovery for people with complex needs.

For upcoming Colloquiums and to view past Colloquium presentations click here.

Current research

Mind is committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of its services to consumers. It is also committed to influencing the public policy and community attitudes which impact on the wellbeing and status of people facing serious mental health related challenges. Accordingly there are a number of current research project Mind supports.

To view our current research projects click here.

Conducting research

To undertake a research or an evaluation project in Mind, a project needs to be approved by the Mind Research and Evaluation Committee. Broadly, Mind will encourage research that focuses on

  • Recovery and social inclusion
  • Partnerships across mental health service systems
  • Partnerships with other research specialists

For more information about undertaking research at Mind and our Research and Evaluation Framework click here.

Mind research application form

To undertake research in Mind click here to download a research application form.
Once completed, please email this form to Mind's Director of Research Dr Lisa Brophy at lisa.brophy@mindaustralia.org.au

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