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iMind Donors

Mind works with people experiencing serious mental illness, their families and carers and stands beside them when they need it most. The staff at Mind provide practical and emotional support to people so they can take control of their lives, foster self-belief and develop the skills to face life’s challenges and opportunities. This may include learning to control symptoms, getting back to school or work, participating in social activities, developing trusting relationships and reconnecting with family and friends.

Your support through becoming a member of iMind helps to support people's recovery from mental illness. Mind develops innovative services to meet the needs of its clients and the needs of the broader community. iMind donors provide Mind with the financial support to achieve this.

  • One in five Australians will experience some form of mental ill-health each year.
  • 85% of homeless people are estimated to have a mental illness.
  • There is evidence that getting help early will assist people in their recovery.

Programs which iMind donors contribute towards

Mind has committed that a minimum of 80% of all Mind contributions will go to key areas such as our Scholarship program, Ambassadors of Hope project and Research.  Each year Mind assesses which areas require your support the most, ensuring clients benefit from your generous support.

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