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Mind's accreditation standards

Mind announced as finalist for QIP Community Organisation of the Year Award

Mind has been recognised as a finalist for the QIP Community Organisation of the Year Award.

Due to the high calibre of submissions within the award, there are two sub-categories: 'Innovative service delivery within the community services sector'; and 'Excellence in partnerships', with an emphasis on diversity and inclusive practice within the community services sector.

Mind was recognised under the Innovative service delivery within the community services sector category along with three other finalists.

An excellence recipient will be awarded under each sub-category and will be announced at the AGPAL and QIP 2016 conference gala dinner ‘A Garden Soiree’ on Friday 27 May.

For further information regarding the AGPAL and QIP 2016 conference and to secure your registration please visit www.agpalqipconference.com.au

Mind receives 3 year accreditation status

Mind is accredited against three standards, awarded by the accreditation body, Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). The most recent review was completed in Q1, 2015.

The standards Mind is assessed against are:

  1. National Standards for Mental Health Services
  2. Quality Improvement Council (QIC):  Health and Community Services Standards
  3. DHS Standards and (QIC) Governance and Management Standards.

In the 2015 review, Mind met all of the 44 standards involved in these three sets of standards, which involved evaluations against more than 200 specific criteria.

The organisation exceeded the standards in four specific areas:

  • (QIC) Management systems
  • (QIC) Incorporation of and contribution to good practice
  • (QIC) Community and professional capacity building
  • (DHS) Access and Employment 2.1:  Services have a clear and accessible point of contact.

 Mind was especially pleased about feedback received from the assessment team about:

  • the evidence of our strong commitment to engaging and consulting with clients and carers
  • our recognition and active application of clients’ rights supported by our reporting and management systems that also inform service improvements
  • the well-developed and widespread application of our recovery practice model
  • our support of ‘lived experience’ as a valuable input to the organisation’s work as evidenced by our peer workforce
  • our staff’s awareness and sensitivity to the needs of participants from diverse backgrounds
  • our collaborative way of working with other organisations to ensure the best outcomes for clients. 

Quality Innovation Performance accredited      Quality Improvement Council

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