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Mind Colloquiums

The Mind Colloquium series has been developed in collaboration with VICSERV and The Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne. 

If you require further details about the Mind Colloquium series please contact colloquium@mindaustralia.org.au

Colloquium series report

At the conclusion of each session people attending are asked to complete an evaluation form. These responses have been collated into a report on the series which can be found in the Mind Colloquium Series Progress Report.

Past presentations

November 2016: Michelle Kehoe "The PULSAReveryday project: For consumers by consumers" Click here to view the presentation


August 2016: Dr Vicky Stergiopoulos "Improving housing and recovery outcomes for disadvantaged populations: evidence to inform policy and practice" Click here to view the presentation  


August 2016: Dr Melinda Goodyear "Let’s talk about children – promoting recovery in parents with mental illness" Click here to view the presentation or click here to view a summary of the presentation 


April 2016: Maree Reser "An introduction to cognitive remediation for individuals who experience psychosis" Click here to view the presentation.


February 2016: Dr Carmel Laragy "The implications for family carers when people with psychosocial disability have individualised funding packages" Click here to view the presentation.


October 2015: Dr Julie Repper “What are Recovery Colleges achieving and how do we know this?” Click here to download the presentation.


July 2015: Dr Victoria Palmer The engagement nexus and psychosocial recovery. Click here to download the presentation. [File size 1.7MB]


May 2015: Dr Neil Thomas Self-Management and Recovery Technology (SMART) – Integrating digital technology for serious mental illness into mental health services. Click here to download the presentation. [File size 4.5MB]


March 2015: Dr Mary Leamy and Dr Vicky Bird, Connectedness, hope and optimism, identity, meaning and purpose, and empowerment (CHIME): a conceptual framework for personal recovery. Click here to download the presentation.


Dec 2014: Professor Anne Kavanagh Disadvantage and the health of people with psychosocial disabilities. Click here to download the powerpoint presentation 


May 2014: Associate Professor Meaghan O'Donnell PhD Trauma and Homelessness Project.


February 2014: Annie Bruxner Understanding the support needs and preferences of people with psychosocial disability.

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation


October 2013: Zefi Vlahodimitrakou  Psychological growth in carers of people with mental illness. Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.


July 2013: Professor Larry Davidson, Yale University The contribution to mental health reform by people who have experienced mental health challenges.


July 2013: Professor Larry Davidson Engagement and Recovery for people with complex needs.

Click here to download Professor Davidson's powerpoint presentation.


May 2013:  Kathy  Landvogt Referrals and other links between financial support services across three states.


April 1013: Emma Gale & Dr Bridget Hamilton Peer support in mental health: an exploratory study of PHaMS in Victoria.


November 2012: Dr Erin Holloway Recovery from serious mental illness: examing traditional clinical and psychosocial factors


November 2012: Cath Roper and Dr Penny Weller Supported decision making


September 2012: Allan Pinches: Consumer-collaborative research as a key enabler for peer support

Research Report: Putting the Community into Community Care Unit.

Powerpoint presentation.


Cameron Duff: The significance of place in recovery


Guy Johnson: Responses to homelessness


Dr John Farhall: What do they mean by evidence-based psychological therapies for psychosis?


Presentation Eoin Killackey: The Importance of Functional Recovery in Mental Illness
Presentation by Kristen Moeller-Saxone: Successful quitting from a mental health perspective
Presentation by Laura Hayes: Evaluating family-centred approaches to recovery

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