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Make a bequest

Many of us hope we can help make the world a better place by giving to an organisation that makes a real difference in peoples’ lives. Some people are unable to do this immediately, but by planning for the future and making a bequest in your Will you can make this hope a reality.

By gifting to Mind, you will be supporting people in their recovery from mental illness. 

How to make a bequest to Mind

Making a bequest to Mind can be general or you may want your funds to specifically go to one of Mind’s various programs. 

You can do this by nominating Mind as the beneficiary or part-beneficiary to things such as: 

  • a specific amount or a percentage of your Will
  • property such as a house or land 
  • an insurance policy
  • establishing a trust fund where the interest earned is donated
  • donating the residue of the estate. 

How should I word a bequest to Mind?

We suggest that you use the following wording:
"I give….... to Mind Australia Limited (ABN 22 005 063 589) for the general purposes thereof." 

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