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With support, people can and do recover from mental ill-health

Consumer and Carer Engagement

No one has more direct knowledge about mental ill-health than those who have experienced it’s effects first-hand.  Mind recognises and values this knowledge base.  We have Consumer Reference Groups and Family and Carer Reference Groups in both Victoria and South Australia.  Through these groups, individuals who access our services can help us shape and improve the services we offer.

Mind is committed to developing a strong peer workforce.  We are currently aiming to increase the number of Mind workers who have themselves had personal experience of mental ill-health and recovery.  Peer workers can role model recovery for clients, creating powerful, supportive relationships based on shared life experience.

The Consumer and Carer Engagment Unit adds first-hand knowledge of mental ill-health to Mind’s strategic planning and service development work.  Staff from the unit also conduct training programs such as the Recovery Learning Experience which increases the skills of our staff in delivering effective support to clients.

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