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Mind Recovery College

Mind has developed an innovative approach to supporting recovery from mental illness called a 'Recovery College', the first in Australia. A recovery college is a place where people come to learn and share knowledge about mental health, life skills and more. This initiative empowers individuals by giving them the opportunity to be teachers or students rather than patients, or clients. Similar initiatives have been highly successful in the UK and USA and now Mind has committed to bringing these benefits to Australians recovering from mental illness.

The Mind Recovery CollegeTM draws on the wisdom, knowledge and skills of people who have walked their own path to recovery, as well as families and carers. Courses are produced by people with a lived experience of mental distress, supported where needed by people with additional professional learning and development skills. Mind operates several campuses across Victoria and South Australia. 

To visit the Mind Recovery CollegeTM website http://www.recoverycollege.org.au

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