8 December 2022

The artistic talents of people with a lived experience of mental health and wellbeing concerns were recently showcased at the third annual Mind Mental Health Week Art Exhibition in Mackay, Queensland. 

The exhibition asked people, as well as their friends, families, and carers, to display their artworks; providing an inclusive platform for people to connect with the community and share their stories. 

“Our aim is to engage and bring awareness to the community around mental ill-health. We created a safe place for them [participants] to showcase their art,” Kristie Bull, Lead Community Mental Health Practitioner, said.

Ms Bull said that the artworks on show were submitted by people at different stages of their mental health recovery journeys, with many using their creativity as a healing tool to process their emotions and experiences. 

“Some people have paintings that they started while in mental health patient units that they’ve done throughout their recovery; some just use it to help them switch off,” Ms Bull said.

“It can be therapeutic for people to express themselves and their feelings through art, it’s a good outlet. It’s so individualistic, no two pieces are ever going to be the same, and it can change through different times in life.”

The exhibition also included pieces from family, friends, and carers of those with lived experiences of mental ill-health. 

“As a carer myself, we don’t get a whole lot of time to ourselves. I love art, it’s a time just for me. You give so much of yourself to others when you’re in a caring role, it’s something that you have just for yourself,” Ms Bull said.

The Mind Mental Health Week Art Exhibition is supported by the Mackay Step Up Step Down.

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