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Recovery is often described as a journey of personal discovery which includes new learning on how to live well.

Advance statements

Advance statements allow people to record their treatment preferences in case they become unwell and need compulsory mental health treatment. This also applies to people with mental illness who are not compulsory patients. Advance statements are also relevant to any person accessing public or private mental health services. Their expressed preferences would be considered at a time when they are unwell.

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Consumer and carer guide to advance statements

The consumer and carer guides provide information for people who may be thinking of preparing an advance statement and for those who may be helping someone write up their advance statement. 

To download a consumer and carer guide click here

Mental health advance statement practice guide

This guide has been developed to assist with the introduction, development and use of mental health advance statements (advance statements) within a supported decision-making framework in line with the Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic).

To download a practice guide click here

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