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Recovery is often described as a journey of personal discovery which includes new learning on how to live well.

Personality disorders

Everyone has a unique personality – it is what makes them who they are.  However, when someone’s personality causes serious upheaval and distress, problems with relationships and perhaps self-harm, they may have a personality disorder. This behavior may have been happening since teenage years or early adulthood and disrupting most parts of their life.

While much is still not known about personality disorders, the most common is borderline personality disorder (BPD). Common symptoms include: a fear of being abandoned; insecurity; reckless behavior; paranoia; volatile emotions; and self-harm. Distress and acute emotional pain may be triggered by personality disorders and often a person tries to dull these with alcohol or other drugs. These added problems make treatment more difficult but with medication where necessary, psychological therapy, education and support, the chances of recovery are good.

Childhood abuse, neglect, and child separation from caregivers or loved ones are believed to be major contributing factors, particularly sustained and severe abuse.

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