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Recovery is often described as a journey of personal discovery which includes new learning on how to live well.


When a person's thoughts become so severely disrupted that they have trouble knowing what is real and what is not, they are said to be suffering from psychosis. Psychosis can result in thoughts so confused that a person can’t function as they usually do. They may hear sounds or voices that others cannot or see things others do not see. People experiencing psychosis may also become deluded or paranoid. Psychosis is often associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder but can occur in isolation.

Most people recover from an episode of psychosis and some people may experience psychosis only once. Those treated early, which will probably involve medication, and perhaps hospitalisation, are more likely to recover quickly. The cause of psychosis is not fully understood but there are a number of factors believed to contribute including genetics, drug use, trauma, stress and chronic lack of sleep.

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