Having somewhere to live is vital for your health and wellbeing. Sadly, the experience of mental illness can also lead to poor housing and even homelessness.

Here are some resources to increase your ability to find somewhere safe to live.

Renting and tenancy

Renting and tenancy

Everybody needs somewhere safe to live.

But finding a suitable property and making sure you’ll be happy ever after isn’t simple. There’s a fair bit to think about, including:

  • getting ready to search for a rental property
  • carrying out your search
  • applying for properties
  • securing a tenancy
  • moving
  • successfully maintaining your tenancy – paying your rent on time and looking after the property
  • ending your tenancy
  • resolving tenancy issues.

We’ve made the process simpler for you.

The Mind private rental information and resource guide is an easy-to-read, practical guide that was put together for clients of mental health services and their support facilitators in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. While some of the information is specific to that area, it’s full of information that can be helpful to anyone finding their way through the private rental market and having a happy tenancy.

Mind's Housing with support services

Mind's Housing with support services

Residential rehabilitation, long-term social housing (The Haven Foundation) and housing with complex support (Specialist Disability Accommodation) – funded by NDIS packages. 

Mind Australia provides a number of high-quality Housing with support services for people with significant mental health and wellbeing concerns to find help, hope and purpose in their lives. 

We are one of the leading specialist community housing providers in Australia for people experiencing a psychosocial disability, and we are a registered NDIS provider, entrusted to deliver federal and state government services. 

Find out more about Mind's Housing with support.