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Mind supports personal recovery and promotes wellbeing.

Recovery is often described as a journey of personal discovery which includes new learning on how to live well.

Literature on recovery

Below are links to further information about mental health recovery, including Government policy documents. You can access Mind's research reports and presentations here.

Victorian Government: Framework for recovery-oriented practice

“The Framework for recovery-oriented practice explicitly identifies the principles, capabilities, practices and leadership that should underpin the work of the Victorian specialist mental health workforce.” Click here to download.


South Australia Government: Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

South Australia’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy provides a framework for the promotion of good mental health and wellbeing in our community and the ongoing reform of our mental health care system. Click here to download.

Recovery and the conspiracy of hope: a lecture by Patricia Deegan

www.patdeegan.com/pat-deegan/lectures/conspiracy-of-hope    In this seminal paper by Pat Deegan, she describes her own personal journey of recovery, and raises issues about “hope-filled environments”.

Recovery from mental disorders: a lecture by Patricia Deegan

Patricia Deegan PhD is a psychologist and researcher. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager. For years, Patricia has worked with people with mental disorders in various ways, to help them get better and lead rewarding lives. 4 minutes video    www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhK-7DkWaKE


Daniel Fisher, Director of the National Empowerment Centre

Daniel talks about the role of hopefulness in recovery in a 9 minute video.    www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=RXmNEEpBXcs

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

Issues for the previous year are only available to subscribers. Editions published more than 12 months ago, are available for reading and printing. An excellent collection of articles covering a wide range of topics related to recovery oriented service delivery.  www.bu.edu/cpr/prj/index.html

100 ways to support recovery: a guide for mental health professionals

Written by Mike Slade, and published by Rethink in the UK, this book presents suggestions for ways mental health staff can support the recovery of an individual with mental illness.The suggestions for support may also provide useful information for families and friends of people experiencing mental health challenges.Click here to download.    

Unravelling psychosocial disability

National mental health Consumer and Carer Forum, 2011.  An overview of psychosocial disability, its impact and recommendations for appropriate support for both people with  psychosocial disability and their families and carers.  Click here to download.  


Recovery from serious mental illnesses

As a way to spread awareness of the reality of recovery, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation has produced a one-page fact sheet designed for distribution to the general public. Also contains a list of resources provides opportunity for a reader to further explore additional information on their own and at their own pace.    www.bu.edu/cpr/resources/factsheets/ 


Recovery meanings and measures

NZ Commission for Health, Oct 2011.  “This report is part of the initial work to clarify the concept of recovery and describe different systemic recovery measures. We hope it is a useful resource for those working in mental health and addiction to help them clarify the concept of recovery and give them ideas of how to ensure that the services they provide are focused on recovery.”   Click here to download a copy of the report. 

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