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Charter of Peer Support

The Charter of Peer Support was launched in conjunction with the Centre of Excellence in June 2011, and continues to advocate for inclusion of peer support models in mental health service provision.  Since its launch the Charter has been officially endorsed by a further fifteen organisations, including international endorsement.

The Charter articulates the intrinsic value of peer support to mental health and total wellbeing: “it is in the sharing of our wisdom and lived experience we continue to demonstrate that through adversity there is hope.  That as we accept our vulnerabilities, our disabilities and our life circumstance we can discover and uncover our resilience and path forward” (Charter foreword, Dr Rhonda Galbally, AO).

Written by and for people with a lived experience of mental health issues, the Charter is currently also being used to aid the development of similar documents internationally.  

Click here for more information about the Charter of Peer Support.

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