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Recovery is possible.

We support people to have a safe, dignified, personally meaningful and gratifying life in the community.

Recovery and wellbeing

The good news is that recovery from mental illness is possible. The experience of recovery is deeply personal and individual, however it usually involves managing your mental health, developing new skills, and rediscovering a meaningful sense of belonging and identity.

Recovery does not happen in isolation.  People who have experienced mental illness and recovery talk about the importance of developing quality relationships that support them.  Developing and maintaining hope and inspiration, self-determination and taking responsibility for the process, also all support recovery.

As each person has a different pathway to recovery, people find their own activities and approaches to situations that work for them. Some people will find mindfulness exercises such as meditation contribute to their wellbeing, while someone else may not. 

The pages in this section (which will be added to regularly) are general introductions to activities or aspects of life to build and maintain your own personal wellbeing and mental health.

Mind Recovery College

The Mind Recovery College draws on the wisdom, knowledge and skills of people who have walked their own path to recovery. Read more »


People with a mental illness, like everyone else can benefit from regular exercise. The good news is you don’t have to train like an elite athlete to make gains... Read more »


Mindfulness has its beginnings in ancient Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism, and is now taking hold in conventional Western therapies to help those with mental health challenges... Read more »


Most adults need seven or eight hours sleep a night while teenagers and babies need more. Older people may need less... Read more »

Online resources to support mental health

People of all ages turn to the internet for information, and increasingly for treatment, support, and assistance with mental health challenges. Read more »

Mental health consumer organisations

The following organisations provide information, training, support and advice to consumer of mental health services. Read more »

Private rental guide

The Inner East Partners in Recovery (IEPIR) Private Rental Guide was developed in order to provide consumers and their care team with information and resources to help them navigate the private rental market. Read more »

Online resources for young people

Young people need help early to make sure their mental health difficulties do not affect other parts of their lives. Read more »

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