10 November 2022

The third and final webinar in Mind Australia’s Respect in action series will feature an in-depth conversation about intersectionality and how mental health practitioners can help flip the script. 

The Respect in action webinar series is designed to prompt conversations and address issues that may affect the mental health experiences of people from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.  

Intersectionality in the mental health sector is often reduced to describe intersecting identities, when in fact it relates to the impacts of overlapping experiences of discrimination and marginalisation through which deeper examinations of power, and privilege can be explored. 

In the Exploring intersectional inclusion in mental health webinar, special guest Budi Sudarto – Ananda Training and Consultancy Director – will help us better understand intersectionality, and how it relates to power, positionality, reflective and reflexive practice. 

“Quite often intersectionality is seen from a deficit or negative lens, but why can’t we move from understanding the compounding impact of multiple marginalisation to celebrating the joy and beauty of belonging to multiple communities?” Budi said.  

“If we can challenge this thinking through reflective and reflexive practice, people from these communities will see that there’s nothing wrong with us, it’s just societal pressure bringing us down, and we can find ways to strengthen resilience.”  

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 29 November.    

Register for Exploring intersectional inclusion in mental health 

  • Date: 29 November 2022 
  • Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm 
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  • About the speaker: 

Budi Sudarto - Director, trainer and consultant at Ananda Training and Consultancy 

Budi Sudarto (they/he) is the Director of Ananda Training & Consultancy, a boutique agency specialising in intersectionality, inclusion, and justice. Budi has been providing training and consultancy to several agencies, including the University of New England, Berry Street, and the City of Melton. Budi focuses on improving the existing diversity framework by incorporating an intersectional lens and decolonising practice. Budi is currently working with the Australian LGBTIQA+ Multicultural Council (AGMC) and RMIT University developing an LGBTIQA+ terminology guide in several languages, as well as conducting a research project on international students and sexual health at Monash University.  

About the Respect in action webinar series  

Mind is working to amplify and honour the voices of people with diverse lived and learned experiences to uphold the principles of human rights, equity and inclusion.   

We want to be a service and workplace that reflects the communities in which we work, and we want to contribute to a mental health sector that is better responsive to and accountable for culturally safe governance, leadership and service delivery.   

Our dedicated Inclusion and Participation team champions our Diversity and Inclusion Framework, setting us up to amplify the voices of all people with lived experience of mental ill-health in services, research and advocacy.   

Mind Senior Manager Inclusion and Participation Katie Larsen said the Respect in action webinar series would continue that important work, and contribute to improved access and outcomes for people and communities who experience marginalisation.    

“It’s important for organisations like Mind to develop specific strategies to address these needs,” Ms Larsen said.   

“We’re working to improve outcomes for marginalised groups by developing systems, processes and projects that support diversity and inclusion across an organisation’s service delivery, workforce and governance.”


Budi Sudarto