Peer Work Program

Peer Work Program

Mind Australia provides a professional development program that supports mental health peer workers with the knowledge, skills and practice principles required for best practice in peer work.  

Our Peer Work Program is designed to create a safe space for people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery to increase their understanding and confidence in their role as a peer worker. 

About Mind’s Peer Work Program 

Mind believes in the value and expertise of those with lived experience of mental health and wellbeing concerns, distress and recovery and strives for the inclusion of these perspectives across our workforce. 

Our Peer Work Program is a unique blended learning program featuring an information webinar session, online skill practice sessions, self-paced eLearning modules, one-on-one check-in support sessions, and sharing of lived experience stories. 

Our Peer Work Program is based on Mind’s Peer Work model which features three key components:  

  • lived experience knowledge base 
  • peer work values  
  • and peer practice principles.  

The online training consists of approximately 45 hours of content and covers a variety of topics, including:  

  • self-care 
  • co-production 
  • trauma informed practice 
  • the psychology of goal setting 
  • the consumer perspective  
  • and more. 

Mind’s Peer Work Program is facilitated by qualified peer practitioners who have lived experience of mental ill-health and are currently working in the field.  

Who is Mind’s Peer Work Program for? 

Mind’s Peer Work Program is funded by the Victorian Government’s Lived and Living Experience Workforce Development Program. Mind’s Peer Work Program is available to people with lived experience who work for services taking in the Victorian Government Program. 

How do I register my interest for Mind’s Peer Work Program? 

Click here to register your interest in Mind’s Peer Work Program.  

For information about Mind’s Peer Work Program contact Mind Connect or phone: 1300 286 463. 

Why choose Mind for peer work training?

Mind Australia supports people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns to find help, hope and purpose in their lives. We provide individualised, evidence-based and recovery focused support to more than 11,000 people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns in Australia every year. 

We are a leading employer of people with lived experience of mental ill-health, recognising their unique ability to connect with and motivate clients and guide recovery. 

We have a strong commitment to employing peer practitioners across all service models, as well as employing staff in designated lived experience roles in other key departments. More than 50 per cent of our staff have disclosed a lived experience of mental ill-health. 

We offer high quality professional development courses- on a range of topics to health professionals, organisations and the general public.  

What do our peer workers say? 

“It was an honour and privilege to hear the stories of my fellow peer practitioners. They exemplify so much strength and resilience in their life. I liked having the time to ask gentle questions afterwards and being able to practice holding the space for each other. I think this is one part of the training that I will reflect on and appreciate and value for quite a while.” 


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