Providing support into Specialist Disability Accommodation  

Mind Australia has been providing specialised mental health and wellbeing support for people with complex needs, and their families, friends and carers, for more than 45 years. 

Mind provides person centred 24/7 support into the homes of people who experience complex support needs.  

We currently provide support to over 280 residents in a range of accommodation settings, partnering with housing and SDA providers.    

We are able to support people in accommodation that best suits their needs and funding arrangements and our specialist complex support teams help assess individual support needs. This includes allied health professionals.    

We are looking to expand our existing partnerships with SDA providers and are open to explore new opportunities to provide our specialised support to individuals with complex support needs and their families and carers.  

How Mind supports people with complex needs   

Mind’s qualified staff assist residents with daily life tasks and to develop skills for independent living.   

Participants with NDIS Supported Independent Living typically choose help with:    

  • behavioural strategies and complex behaviour support including working closely with Behaviour Support Practitioners  
  • navigating complex service systems and multiple support providers/services  
  • daily planning and budgeting  
  • building skills for shopping and cooking for healthy eating   
  • written communication and filling in forms  
  • learning to maintain a household with tasks such as laundry and cleaning   
  • developing and maintaining connections with family and friends   
  • getting ready for the day and other personal care tasks 
  • medication management.   

Who is this for?   

This support service is designed for people whose capacity to live independently is impacted by disability and long-term mental health and wellbeing concerns. This support is for people experiencing complexity, both at an individual and a systems level.  

This may include people who have an intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, an acquired brain injury or are neurodivergent, who also have co-occurring mental health issues.   

Participants must:  

  • be between 18-64 years of age  
  • have the financial means to pay for rent and utilities    
  • have an NDIS plan to fund Supported Independent Living or SDA 
  • require support to be able to live independently and manage positive mental health and wellbeing    

For more information about Mind’s complex needs support Contact us via Mind Connect or phone 1300 286 463.  

Download Complex Support flyer (PDF 479 KB)

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