3 February 2022

Mind Australia will deliver urgently needed respite and support services in northern Victoria for the carers of people with mental ill-health, as part of a major carer support package announced by the Victorian government.

Mind will deliver a series of carer support groups in Loddon Shire that will provide valuable opportunities for carers to strengthen their capabilities in their caring role. Carers will also form important support networks with other carers in their area, helping to overcome common issues such as isolation.

The program will also give participants important opportunities for respite from the responsibilities of their carer role.

The program is for anyone who is a primary carer for someone living with mental ill-health. These services will be modelled on Mind’s existing carer respite and support programs, which have provided much needed support for the carers of people with mental ill-health across Australia over several years.

The program has been funded to the end of June 2022.

Carers in the Loddon region interested in this program can call Mind’s Carer Helpline on 1300 544 660 for more details.

Quotes attributable to Mind Australia CEO Gill Callister PSM

“This new support program will make an important difference to the lives of the many people in the Loddon Shire who care for someone with a mental health condition.

“People who care for someone with mental ill-health often experience isolation, reduced opportunities for employment and income generation, and all too often must learn as they go when it comes to taking care of their loved one.

“This service will give carers an opportunity for respite and to build their skills and resilience as carers into the future.

“The pandemic has only exacerbated the isolation and stresses that carers often face – and we know that local approach is more important than ever.

“Mind welcomes this opportunity to bring our years of experience supporting carers to Loddon Shire.

“Importantly, these new carer support programs will not require a referral from a GP or health professional, you will not have to pay anything to receive help.”

About Mind carer services

At Mind, we recognise that caring for someone with mental health issues can be stressful, and that sometimes you need support yourself.

We offer a range of supports, including counselling and peer support, respite, recreation days, carer education, an online forum and support groups.

If you call our Carer Helpline on 1300 554 660, we can help you identify what works best for you. (Please note that not all options are available across all Mind service sites.)

A carer support worker will help identify the most appropriate options for providing respite and support to family members, friends and other carers.

Options may include brief in-home outreach support, or structured outings and activities for the person experiencing mental ill-health, allowing their carer time away from caring duties. Support includes options for fun and learning activities, wellbeing support, out-of-home breaks away including accommodation, and whole-of-family support.

Call our Carer Helpline on 1300 554 660

For more information or to arrange an interview with Mind CEO Gill Callister or a Mind representative, please contact Mind Communications Manager Max McLean at [email protected] or on 0497 333 545.