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Mental health nurse support - GEELONG

Mental health nurses work with psychiatrists and general practitioners to provide services like monitoring your mental state, helping you to manage your medication and help you to link with other health professionals and clinical service providers. This support can be provided in your clinician's rooms or another community setting.

Who for:

People with severe mental disorders who are experiencing significant disability.

How to access:

Via the treating physician in participating clinics. To be eligible: the patient has been diagnosed with a mental disorder according to the criteria defined in the WHO Diagnostic and Management Guidelines for Mental Health Disorders in Primary Care, or the DSM-5 - the patient's disorder is significantly impacting their social, personal and work life - the patient has been to hospital at least once for treatment of their mental disorder, or they are at risk of needing hospitalisation in the future if appropriate treatment and care is not provided - the patient is expected to need ongoing treatment and management of their mental disorder over the next 2 years - the GP or psychiatrist employed to treat the patient by the organisation participating in the MHNIP will be the main person responsible for the patient's clinical mental health care, and - the patient has given permission to receive treatment from a mental health nurse.

Outcome statement:

Help you stay well in the community and reduce avoidable hospitalisations.
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