Residential services

Dual disability supported accommodation - SUNSHINE

A residential program in a supportive home-like environment. Residents are supported with a range of individual and group activities that promote social connection and skills for independent living.

Guided by an assessment of your strengths and areas you'd like support with, you will have your own individual recovery plan. You will be supported to increase confidence and knowledge to build on personal strengths; fit in within a community; create a satisfying life; and re-establish and maintain supportive relationships. Residents usually stay for a period of 1-2 years.

Who for:

People with intellectual disability and mental health issues who need support to build independent living skills in a safe, home-like environment.

How to access:

Access is via the Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) intake system. People eligible for a place must be 16-64yrs and assessed as having disability associated with a psychiatric condition and low intellectual capacity.

Outcome statement:

Enhanced confidence and the skills to live independently in the community.