Burnside HASP provides intensive psychosocial support to people in a residential setting. Burnside HASP provides safe, secure and affordable housing for people experiencing significant psychosocial disability and mental health and wellbeing concerns. This program supports people to be able to participate more fully in the community. 

About Burnside HASP 

Burnside HASP is a 24/7 supported accommodation service for people living with significant psychosocial disability and mental health and wellbeing concerns. The service is managed by Mind Australia with a clinical partnership with Eastern Community Mental Health. The program supports up to 20 people at any time, with flexible support hours dependent on each person's needs. 

Burnside HASP gives residents safe, secure and affordable housing with security of tenure. Residents are provided with their own fully equipped, self-contained unit, therefore providing them with the opportunity to further enhance their independent living skills in preparation for eventual return to community living. 

The housing is linked with individualised support services which reflect recovery principles within a rehabilitation framework. 

We actively assist people to acquire the skills and capacity they need to improve their social and economic participation, daily living skills, relationship skills, meaningful community participation and transition to community living. 

Support focuses primarily on the following: 

  • Self-care and activities of daily living 
  • Management of the home and household tasks 
  • Access to education, volunteering and employment 
  • Gaining access to social and recreational activities in the community 
  • Connection to the community via groups and mainstream services 
  • Access to housing providers 
  • Overnight support on an as-needed basis (Please note monitoring and observation overnight is not provided). 

Who is the Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership for? 

People who are aged 18 to 64, living in Metropolitan Adelaide area and are experiencing significant mental health and wellbeing concerns and psychosocial disability. 

How do I register my interest in the Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership?  

Access Burnside HASP is only available once a vacancy is announced. All referrals are sent to an Allocations Committee who review all applications. The successful application is determined on a variety of factors including the following criteria: 

  • Willingness to participate in the program. Residents are required to actively participate, and consent to working with support staff on increasing their capacity for independent living. 
  • Identified recovery orientated goals and willingness to work in conjunction with Burnside HASP staff and the Community Mental Health team. 
  • Where applicable, evidence of utilising past supports and having a predisposition for independent living, however requiring additional supports to increase skills in preparation for transition to the community. 
  • Have the capacity to build independent living skills, and benefit from combined 24/7 accommodation and psychosocial support. 
  • Have mental health and wellbeing concerns which has resulted in significant functional disability, requiring ongoing clinical coordination. 

Why choose Mind for psychosocial support services? 

Mind Australia provides individualised, evidence-based and recovery focused support to more than 11,000 people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns in Australia every year. 

Mind partners with health, community, and government organisations to provide holistic support and a safe environment for people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns to live in the community. 

Mind is one of the largest providers of community-managed psychosocial services in Australia with a range of residential, mobile outreach, centre-based and online services. We are a leading employer of people with lived experience of mental ill-health, recognising their unique ability to connect with and motivate clients and guide recovery. 

Contact details

Adelaide, 5000, SA 
1300 286 463  
[email protected]


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Age range

18-64 years old