The Mind Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing-Ipswich has a specialised Complex Care Support Team who provide multi-disciplinary support to people with mental health related disability, dual disability and complex needs. We also support their carers, families and support teams. Services include:

  • specialised behaviour support
  • allied health assessments and complex case reviews 
  • tailored therapeutic supports - individual and groups (including therapies such as adventure-based therapy)
  • management of legislated restrictive practice
  • linkage with housing and specialised employment services
  • training and support for other support staff, family, friends and other carers
  • support coordination, including specialised support coordination.

The team at Mind's Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing includes people with lived experience of recovery who can share their learnings with you.

Who for

People who want specialised support delivered with expertise, great flexibility and personalisation of service that will make a difference to their quality of life and their recovery.

Outcome Statement

Get the support you need, from people with the specialised skills to get you closer to achieving your dreams for a better life.

How to Access

You can access our services through funding in your NDIS package, support funding from another source, or you can purchase this service with your own funds.

Contact details

Ipswich, 4305, QLD  
1300 286 463   
[email protected]


Funding types available




Age range

16-65 years old