Residents are provided care by a 24/7 clinical team as well as Mind staff who focus on supporting the person's development of social and daily living skills and building their confidence to live independently. The program provides one-to-one peer support as well as group peer-led activities. The service works to support family and carers in the transition from hospital to community too.

Who for:

People who are transitioning out of long term hospital rehabilitation units who need a lot of clinical and recovery support to stabilise and prepare for moving back into the community.

How to access:

Access is generally through the clinical provider and facilitated through psychiatric assessment, and contingent on Area Mental Health Service case management. Those eligible will have a primary diagnosis of mental illness with significantly reduced psychosocial functioning; and present with persistent symptoms with current needs unable to be met by less intensive community-based supports.

Outcome statement:

Stabilised mental health and the skills to live safely in the community.

Contact details

Ivanhoe, VIC  
1300 286 463   
[email protected]


Funding types available



Max 2 years

Age range

18-64 years old