Mind’s Housing with support residence in Melton South provides person centered 24/7 support for people who experience complex support needs. 

Mind staff assist residents with daily life tasks and develop skills for independent living - including helping residents to connect with activities and other supports in the community. Support is tailored to help residents achieve the goals in their NDIS Plan. Mind is the nominated support provider. Tenancy and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is managed separately by a third-party agent. 

Who is this service for?

This support service is designed for people whose capacity to live independently is impacted by disability and long-term mental health and wellbeing concerns. This support is for people experiencing complexity, both at an individual and a systems level. 

This may include people who have an intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, an acquired brain injury or are neurodivergent, who also have co-occurring mental health issues. 

Residents require an NDIS Supported Independent Living package, funded for assistance with activities for daily living. NDIS funding must cover the cost of one-to-one and shared supports provided within the home. 
Participants with NDIS Supported Independent Living typically choose help with: 

  • behavioural strategies and complex behaviour support including working closely with Behaviour Support Practitioners 
  • navigating complex service systems and multiple support providers/services 
  • daily planning and budgeting 
  • building skills for shopping and cooking for healthy eating 
  • written communication and filling in forms 
  • learning to maintain a household with tasks such as laundry and cleaning 
  • developing and maintaining connections with family and friends 
  • getting ready for the day and other personal care tasks 
  • medication management. 

Participants must:     

  • be between 18-64 years of age    
  • have the financial means to pay for rent and utilities   
  • have an NDIS Plan to fund Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation (Robust or Improved Livability) 
  • require support to be able to live independently and manage positive mental health and wellbeing 

About the residence

This residence is located in Melton South an outer western suburb of Melbourne. The home is built to a ‘Robust’ design and at Platinum quality level as per the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard. The property has easy access to public transport, and is close to local shopping and community centres. The property has separate facilities for Mind’s support staff. 

How do I register my interest for Housing with support?  

To register your interest in this service or for general information about Mind services, contact us via Mind Connect or phone: 1300 286 463 

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Why choose Mind for Housing with support services? 

We have been providing mental health and wellbeing support to people, and their families, friends and carers, for more than 45 years. Every individual's journey to a life of meaning and purpose is unique, which is why our services are flexible and offer genuine choice and control.   

We work with residents and their families, friends and carers to build a high quality, program of support tailored to their unique needs and NDIS plan goals. Our qualified staff work in partnership with residents and their family, friends and carers to strengthen personal skills and build independence.  

We promote a sense of community in our housing services to encourage residents to share and support each other, including taking part in group activities.  

Some of our Housing staff are peer workers – people with lived experience of mental ill-health. Our peer workers lead skills-based peer learning workshops with residents among other work. We are a leading employer of people with lived experience, recognising their unique ability to connect with and motivate clients and guide recovery. 

Mind is also working with the NDIA as a chosen provider to pilot a new home and living support approach for NDIS participants with a psychosocial disability. Find out more about the Home and Living Demonstration Project here

What do our residents say? 

“Coming here has been the biggest and happiest step of my recovery because it has really given me a chance to get all the parts of my life together.” – Read Rob’s story here.

Contact details

Melton South, 3338, VIC
1300 286 463
[email protected]

Download the flyer (PDF 2 MB)


Funding types available



Up to 24 months

Age range

18-64 years old

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