Through a package of supports tailored to the individual’s needs, this community-based service supports those with complex mental illness and exceptional support needs to build the confidence and skills needed to live safely and well in the community. 

This program can help with: 

  • accessing social and recreational activities in the community 
  • developing daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and budgeting 
  • gaining confidence to use public transport 
  • accessing vocational training, education and employment 
  • maintaining and developing relationships 
  • developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Who for:

This service is for people who are:
- living in greater Adelaide
- aged 16-65 years.

How to access:

People can access this service two ways, each with a different referral pathway:
- For people who have been referred in to this service by the Exceptional Needs Unit of the South Australia Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, the Department funds this service.
- For people who have self-referred or been referred into this service by a family member, carer, a GP or another professional, the service is available through self-funding arrangements.

Outcome statement:

Helping you to stay well in the community.

Contact details

Greater Adelaide, SA  
1300 286 463   
[email protected]


Funding types available


Age range

16-65 years old