Mind Australia’s NDIS Support Coordination services can help you get the support you need to live life your way. Navigating the complexities of the NDIS can be challenging, and that’s where our NDIS Support Coordinators come in. 

Mind Australia’s NDIS Support Coordinators can help you to understand your goals and identify the supports that you need to achieve them, develop service agreements with providers, and navigate NDIS plan reviews.

About NDIS Support Coordination 

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was the first opportunity for many Australians with mental health and wellbeing concerns to purchase support that offered them help, hope and purpose – a chance to live independently and participate in the community. 

Mind offers two types of NDIS Support Coordination: 

  • support coordination – where we empower you to navigate the NDIS and find choice and control over your support services 
  • specialist support coordination – where team members qualified and experienced in working with people who need a higher level of assistance help to overcome complex barriers in implementing NDIS Plans and accessing appropriate supports. 

Who is NDIS Support Coordination for?

NDIS Support Coordination provides support to people with NDIS packages seeking to understand which services they require to take positive steps in their mental health recovery journey. We can help you get the best out of your NDIS plan. Our NDIS Support Coordinators can help you to: 

  • understand your goals and how your NDIS Plan can support you to achieve them   
  • develop service agreements with providers  
  • manage bookings and payment of invoices depending on your NDIS Plan 
  • access psychosocial supports such as help to manage daily activities, build and maintain connections, engage in employment or education and participate fully in the community 
  • work out what positive steps you would like to take in your mental health recovery journey. 

Our NDIS Support Coordination services are delivered in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

How do I register my interest in NDIS Support Coordination?

For more information, or to start the process of establishing a service agreement for support coordination, contact Mind Connect on 1300 286 463 or send us a message.

We will seek to really understand your goals and explore what supports you need to achieve them. These may include paid services, activities available to anyone in the community, and identifying friends and family who can be part of your support system. 

Your Mind NDIS Support Coordinator can help you make the most of your NDIS plan and assist you through the NDIS plan review process.

Why choose Mind for NDIS Support Coordination?

Mind is a recognised name in NDIS Support Coordination. We have years of experience providing psychosocial support services to people through the NDIS and since 2017, have provided NDIS support coordination to more than 1500 people across Australia. It has given us the expertise to understand the intricacies of the system and make things easier for clients, their families and carers.

The same skills that we use to support people to get the most out of life are the skills we use to help people get the most out of their NDIS package. Our NDIS Support Coordinators determine what is important to people and work to build the mix of supports and connections needed for them to achieve their goals.

What do our NDIS Support Coordination clients say?

“I came to Mind to get some support. I was unsure how I was going to get better and if these supports were going to help me, but working with Josephine (Mind Support Coordinator and Community Mental Health Practitioner) I have become more comfortable and I’ve been able to try new things and get out in the community.” – Laura.
Read Laura’s story here.

I have become more comfortable and I’ve been able to try new things and get out in the community.
- Laura

Contact details

Regional Victoria, VIC  
1300 286 463   
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Age range

16-65 years old