With sub-acute, short stay step-up and step-down care (delivered through partnership with the local hospital network) residents can access specialist clinical mental health staff 24 hours a day, while also being supported to strengthen relationships with family and friends, and skills for living safely in the community. A schedule of group activities is provided alongside individual 1:1 support based on your strengths and goals as identified in your individual recovery plan. Cairns Step Up Step Down is an adult service (18 - 65yrs).

Who for:

People who need short term intensive recovery support to help them transition out of an acute mental health facility or to help them avoid hospitalisation.

How to access:

Access is generally through the clinical provider and facilitated through psychiatric assessment.

Outcome statement:

Stabilised mental health and the skills to live safely in the community.

Contact details

Cairns, QLD  
1300 286 463   
[email protected]


Funding types available



Up to 28 days

Age range

18-65 years old