Mind is one of the country's leading community-managed specialist mental health service providers with a range of residential, mobile outreach, centre based and online services. We have been supporting people living with the day-to-day impacts of mental illness, as well as their families, friends and carers for over 40 years.

We provide practical and motivational support that helps people to develop the skills they need to move on, thrive and improve the quality of their lives. This includes helping people with the things that make them feel strong and healthy, such as being in control of their life, being resilient and participating in their community. We also work with people to address poverty, housing, education and employment. It is an approach to mental health and wellbeing that is based on a foundation of human rights and looks at the whole person in the context of their daily life.

We also have practitioners able to provide specialised therapies to address more complex behaviours and needs. This includes supporting people who have intellectual disability along with mental ill-health. 

From our years of experience, we know that every individual's journey to a life of meaning and purpose is a very personal one, which is why we are committed to helping each individual achieve their dreams. And why we deliver our support services in ways that are flexible and offer genuine choice and control.

Mind is a registered NDIS provider. If you have an NDIS package, ask about our NDIS funded services.

We work hard to engage with families, friends and other carers to involve them in decisions about their loved one’s care, with the consumer's consent. We also have support services specifically for carers.

Many of our support workers have been through their own recovery journey and faced similar challenges. They have a big input into the services we develop. Our services are also shaped by what service users and their families say they want.

We invest a lot in research about mental health recovery and psychosocial disability. Combined with the expertise of service users and their families, this enables us to make sure what we offer works and meets people’s needs. We also share this knowledge, providing training for peer workers and other mental health professionals.

We advocate for basic human rights for everyone; constantly challenging the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health issues, and our service delivery complies with legislated human rights frameworks.

Mind is committed to diversity and inclusion.

We provide services to people seeking support for their mental health

We provide services to people seeking support for their mental health

Mind works with people 16 - 64 years of age whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live in the community is impacted by mental health issues. 

People who use our services come from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

When you are a client of Mind, we will work with you to set goals, and develop the knowledge and skills to achieve them. We will focus on your strengths, values and support preferences rather than your illness.

We support you to define your strengths and improve your: 

  • daily living skills
  • capacity for mental health self-care and self management
  • physical health
  • social and relationship skills
  • housing, education and employment.

We also aim to strengthen and empower families, friends and carers of people with mental illness, and we have specific services for them.

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We educate people about mental health and recovery

We educate people about mental health and recovery

We provide training for peer workers and other mental health professionals, and others in various occupations and industries to increase their knowledge and skills in recovery oriented practice.

We also provide information for consumers, families and carers about mental health recovery.

In this aspect of our work, we support national and international partnerships and networks, ranging from organisations that represent the interest of people with mental health issues through to universities.

We undertake research

We undertake research

Research and evaluation are vital aspects of the work undertaken by Mind. We believe that an active program of research and evaluation activities is important to improving the quality and effectiveness of our services, and to inform our advocacy agenda.  Our Research Reference Group has representation from consumers, families and carers, professionals and other experts on mental health. We are building research partnerships with other researchers and agencies.

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See our list of published research reports.

We advocate for systems change to improve people's lives

We advocate for systems change to improve people's lives

Mind promotes social inclusion and support for recovery as a fundamental human right. Our advocacy agenda is based on understanding people’s experiences and using this to develop suggestions for policy and system reform at a national policy and community level. 

The advocacy team plays a leading role in building coalitions and in the design, development and delivery of campaigns aligned to Mind’s advocacy strategy. We also provide strategic leadership for Mind’s research program, and support the Senior Executive Group in developing and delivering on our strategy plan.

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