A safe place for psychological healing

The Mind Equality Centre offers psychological counselling for people of the LGBTIQA+ community and their important others. 

Our qualified and experienced practitioners identify as members or allies of the LGBTIQA+ community. They really understand what it's like, and that means you don't have to explain yourself, or worry about being judged. You can just focus on the issues that matter to you.

At the current time, The Mind Equality Centre is focused on delivering the Aftercare program - a practical support program for LGBTIQA+ people who have thoughts or intentions of suicide.

When Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions cease, in-person counselling sessions will be available at Your Community Health (Northcote), 42 Separation Street, Northcote, 3070.

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The Aftercare program 

The Aftercare program 

Support to recover from attempts or thoughts of suicide  

The Mind Equality Centre is now offering Aftercare, a program offering support to people who are LGBTQIA+ and are having thoughts or intentions of suicide. 

The Aftercare team consists of mental health peer support workers and allied health workers who are knowledgeable about LGBTQIA+ identities and the issues and challenges faced by the community. Aftercare offers recovery-focused, short-term (up to 3 months) practical outreach and counselling-based support to help you, your chosen family members and other important people in your life to find inclusive and affirming care and strategies for moving forward. 

How to access Aftercare

There is no charge to access the Aftercare program. Aftercare is funded by North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network and is available for people living in or with ties to the north west region. 

People who are LGBTQIA+ can be referred into the Aftercare program by a health professional, a friend or family member, or they may refer themselves. 

Currently, we are offering an online and telephone-based service due to conditions under COVID-19. 


For referrals or more information, please contact the Aftercare team: 
Phone 1300 054 284 
Email aftercare@mindaustralia.org.au

To download a self-referral form, click here.